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Fancy a change? At Kneippianum we offer you various spiritual and creative workshops with sense.

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Explore new avenues - how about "Wine & Spirit", "Cautious in Everyday Life" or "Creative Spaces for Development"? Be inspired and surprised.

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Experience a new physical feeling with YOGA

Body and mind are in a state of constant interaction. The yoga teaching doesn't define where the body ends and the mind starts, but sees both a perfect unity. Although superficially Yoga-Asanas only have a physical effect, they also influence the brain.

Yoga Asana
Harmony for body, mind and soul

Asanas combined with Pranayama strengthens the nerves and lets us cope better with stress situations. Calm breathing has a relaxing effect. It provides the body with oxygen and energy and purges the organism.

During a yoga-workshop we will practise seated Asanas (postures), forward stretches, backward stretches, twist postures and simple turning postures. Pranayama (breathing guidance) at the end of each class round off the programme.

Harmony for body, mind and soul

Qi Gong is a gentle form of medical gymnastics that builds on the timeless, holistic concept of the human being: it harmonises body and mind/soul.

Harmonic movements, focused calm and deepened breathing lead to more well-being, provide a feeling of vigour and joy but also of peace and recreation. We strengthen vigour and the immune system in general and mobilise joints as well as strengthening the organs and the muscles.

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