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Kneipp’sche foundations closing Kneippianum

The Kneipp’sche foundations owned by Barmherzige Brüder decided to act on the insufficient revenues in the hotel business and the fact that the need for rehabilitation programs is decreasing for many years now. So the current two house situation with the “Kneippianum” and “Sebastianeum” is gonna be changed, from the 11th of December 2018 all activities will be concentrated on the “Sebastianeum”.

As all rehabilitation offerings that have already been focused on the “Sebastianeum” will be maintained and not modified, hotel business and gastronomy activities have to be reduced. Therefore the “Kneippianum” will be closed in December 2018, which also means cutting workplaces within the Kneipp’sche foundations considerably.

Pursuant to their rules and regulations the employee representation has been engaged in the decision to close the “Knieppianum”.

There are no plans to shut down the “Sebastianeum” as well. Redirecting the activities of the “Kneippianum” to the “Sebastianeum” rather aims to continue the “Sebastianeum” from pastor Sebastian Kneipp’s legacy as sustainable establishment.


Kneippianum was established as Sebastian Kneipp's third foundation in 1896 and is considered to be Germany's leading Kneipp and Health Resort.

Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen is your first address for your health holiday. Your Kneipp & Health Resort is located in the renowned and idyllic Bad Wörishofen spa resort, surrounded by a huge spa park landscape and the Allgäu's fascinating mountain world.

Sebastian Kneipp and Kneippianum

Kneippianum Resort in the Allgau
Kneippianum in Bad Worishofen

At Kneippianum the five pillars of Kneipp therapy have been adjusted to modern ways of life, yet Sebastian Kneipp's traces are still omnipresent at Kneippianum.

The dedicated team of chefs at Kneippianum cook according to Father Sebastian Kneipp's idea and serve balanced and wholefood delicacies.

Kneipp therapy and wellness at Kneippianum

Kneipp, Wellness and organic cosmetics on 2,000 square metres - this is how much space we provide for your wellbeing at the Kneipp Spa in Bad Wörishofen. At the Kneipp Spa we focus on the Kneipp hydrotherapy: indoor pool, Jacuzzi, outdoor Jacuzzi and a spacious sauna area are available to you in our hotel's own spa area at Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen. Enjoy the calm and recharge your batteries for your everyday life.

The team of experienced doctors and the first-class therapists at Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen take care of your wellbeing and health 24/7.

In January 2014 we adjusted our offers with a stronger emphasis on the private health guest's needs.

Convince yourself of the Kneipp and Health Resort's uniqueness and attractive offers and services in Bad Wörishofen. Explore the Keippanium's website and be inspired by the numerous leisure activities that are available for your active leisure programme in Bad Wörishofen. Look forward to your spa cure, your wellness weekend or your health holiday at Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen.

Dive into a very special world of health. You are more than welcome here.

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