Wellness and Kneipp treatments 2018

Kneipp therapy prices in Bad Wörishofen

There is no other place in the world where the wellness treatment offers are as adjusted to the five elements of the Kneipp therapy as here at the Kneipp treatments' place of origin in Bad Wörishofen, Sebastian Kneipp's adoptive home.

The water cure teaching as well as Sebastian Kneipp's holistic approach is often called Traditional European Medicine (TEM) by scientists of today. Sebastian Kneipp's goal was to harmonise the human being's soul and organism.

Extract of the price list: Kneipp and wellness treatments 2018


Medical - Wellness30 minutes40 minutes60 minutes
Craniosacral therapy € 41,-- € 54,50 € 81,--
Acupuncture massage   € 54,50 € 76,--
Rain-Drop (essence massage, La-Stone-massage)   € 57,50 € 75,--
Lomi-Lomi-massage     € 79,--
Sea salt oil massage € 39,90 (back) € 49,90 € 72,--
Essalen massage   € 54,50 € 76,--
Herbal stamp massage € 47,-- (back) € 55,-- € 77,--
Aroma massage € 39,90 (back) € 49,60  
Sleep enhancing evening bath melissa/valerian € 24,90
Softpack (full-body pack with organic bog, lemongrass or amber) € 39,00

Bath rituals at horizontal spa

Experience total relaxation on a warm Nassi lounger with gentle contrast temperatures via soft, stimulating showers. € 25,--
Kneipp Hammam
A full-body soap foam massage à la Kneipp. Your whole body will be lathered with freshly foamed soap, r.g. olive or jasmine, followed by a soft, horizontal rain shower. € 55,--  
Organic full-body pack with horizontal shower SP
Sports & vitality pack gentian-marmot-oil. Move yourself fit, muscle and joint care € 59,--
Regeneration & anti aging pack, a true fountain of youth € 59,--
Puge pack birch-juniper detoxifying, stimulating the circulation, activating the metabolism € 59,--

Time for two

Rasul baths with different medicinal clays

Already the famous Greek doctor Hippocrates used different medicinal clays ca. 400 BC. In the Rasul bath the knowledge about the medicinal clay and the nurturing effect of clays are combined. Slags and toxins are extracted from the skin, the exfoliation effect of the different medicinal clays prepares the skin for nurturing agents. The differently coloured medicinal clays are purely organic. Inclusive care oil.

1 person (30 min.) € 49,90
2 persons (30 min.) € 69,--


organic cosmetics
We work with products by Dr. Boos.
Cleansing treatment for your face: cleansing, clarifying, Kneipp-wash, massage, organic exfoliation. Cleansing pack, day-care (ca. 1 hr.) € 69,--
Classic pamper treatment, cleansing, clarifying, eyebrow correction, Kneipp-wash, seabuckthorn or rose fluid, massage, organic exfoliation, pack, day-care(ca. 1,5 hr.) € 89,--
Pedicure with foot massage € 39,50
Manicure with hand massage € 29,--
body exfoliation with sea buckthorn-sea salt in the softpack € 39,--


Facial shower € 4,95
Wash (morning treatment in the room) € 11,30
Kneipp affusion with warm and cold water € from 9,90
Kneipp affusion whole bnody € 10,90
Contrast jet shower/lumbal shower € 11,40
Hip baths with herbal supplement € 16,90
Full/three-quarter/half bath with herbal supplement € 24,90
Medium wrap (single) morning treatment in the room € 10,50
Fango € 20,90
Hay flower-pack € 20,90
Clay plaster, single € 13,50
Partial steam or inhalation € 13,50
Physiotherapy treatments/sling table (30 minutes) € 35,--
Physiotherapy treatments/sling table (40 minutes) € 45,90
Manual therapy (30 minutes) € 36,50
Excercise bath, single (20 min.) € 39,--
Physical therapy
Main-/tissue massage (30 minutes) € 33,50
Full massage (40 minutes) € 44,50
Foot reflexology(30 minutes) € 39,--
Dorn method treatment 30 min. € 36,90
Craniosacral therapy / acupuncture massage (40 minutes) € 54,50
Lymph drainage, main treatment (30 minutes) € 35,90
Lymph drainage, full-body treatment(40 minutes) € 48,--
Acupuncture massage (40 minutes) € 54,50
Iontophoresis from € 13,50
Group therapy € 9,75

The Kneipp and wellness treatments and at Kneippianum are practised by only the best trained specialists. Enjoy the soothing effect of your therapies at Kneippianum.

Advanced appointments for wellness and Kneipp treatments

Please note that certain treatment might be booked out, especially on the weekends and bank holidays. In order to be able to guarantee your desired appointment, we would recommend to reserve your wellness and Kneipp treatments already before your arrival at Kneippianum.

To do so send your no obligation enquiry to the experienced team at Kneippianum and look forward to relaxing spa and Kneipp treatments in Bad Wörishofen.

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