The 5 pillars of the Kneipp therapy

The holistic Kneipp therapy

The therapy consists of more than just treading water and cold showers. In addition to hydrotherapy (water), phytotherapy (herbs), movement, diet and harmony of body, mind and soul are essential. All five elements influence your individual therapy programme during your Kneipp health holiday.


Treatments with water at Kneippianum

The water therapy is the best known of the five elements. The body experiences different temperatures during washes, showers, wraps, baths and water treading. The circulation is stimulated, the immune system strengthened and afflictions like high blood pressure or pain are mitigated. Kneippianum offers the full range of the Kneipp hydrotherapy.


Herbal tea
Medicinal herbs at the health hotel

This is all about the medicinal effect of plants and herbs.

Kneipp treated patients with ca. 50 different medicinal herbs. Kneippianum has its own herb garden and uses the herbs for seasoning the meals. Guests find a herb pillow in every room and a hot bag of hay flowers is very soothing in the morning. The free herbal tea kitchen in the hotel is available for all guests 24/7 and is a cosy place for socialising.


Cycling in the Allgäu
Cycling in Bad Wörrishofen

Physical activity promote the locomotor system and makes the whole body performance more resistant. It also protects against obesity, a trigger for many illnesses. At Kneippianum physical activity comes in all sorts of shapes: e.g. different forms of gymnastics, nordic walking, aquajogging, belly dance. If you want to be active outdoors in the fresh air, you will find a nordic walking and inline course at your doorstep. In addition the peaceful location on the outskirts of Bad Wörishofen offers a direct access to Kurpark, the spa park, as well as various walking and cycling trails.


Eating apples
Diverse wholefood with fibre

Kneipp preached a sensible and modest diet to support his cure:

Diverse, wholefood with fibre and complex carbs (wholemeal products, vegetables, salads and fruits). The rules that he laid down then are more relevant than ever, according to nutritionists. His advice can be found in many diets and offer a great basis for a desired feelgood-weight and nutritional supply in today's times of fast food. At Kneippianum guests can choose from three different meals: Kneipp, light or classic cuisine. All ingredients come from the nearby region and are mostly organic. The cooking studio is very popular, here guests learn how to cook in a healthy way and how to continue a healthy diet at home.

Balance of body, mind and soul

Back massage
Sea salt oil massage

Kneipp realised that a psychological balance is required for a satisfied and healthy life. The harmony of body, mind and soul has a positive effect on the body functions and resistance. Offers like meditation, aroma massage and sauna help the guest to feel good at Kneippianum. The hotel's and KneippSPA's new design create a relaxed atmosphere where nothing can disturb the mental balance. The spiritual offers by Sister Waldefried has an especially soothing effect, e.g. meditative dancing, spiritual minutes or a visit at the private chapel.

Sebastian Kneipp's vita

1821 – Born on 17th May as the son of weavers in Stephansried/Ottobeuren

1844 – Attending the gymnasium in Dillingen

1845 – Contracting a tuberculosis infection

1848 – A levels and theology studies at the University of Munich. He discovered a book on the effect of water on illnesses in the library and starts treat himself with baths in the Danube. He becomes convinced that water will be the only cure for him.

1852 – Ordination to priesthood at Ottobeuren monastery

1855 – Cleric head of the Dominican monastery in Wörishofen

1881 – Starting his pastorate in Wörishofen

1885 – Archabbot Maurus Wolter sends Father Ildefons to Wörishofen to record Kneipp's water cure

1886 – First edition of the book "My Water Cure", which made Wörishofen a spa town

1891 – Opening of the 1st Kneipp foundation, the SEBASTIANEUM cure house

1892 – The Brothers Hospitallers come to Wörishofen to learn the Kneipp therapy

1893 – Opening of Kneipp's 2nd foundation, KINDERHEILSTÄTTE (children's sanitarium)

1894 – Passing on SEBASTIANEUMS to the Brothers Hospitallers; Kneipp travels to Pope Leo XIII to Rome

1896 - Opening of Kneipp's 3rd foundation, KNEIPPIANUM

1897 – Sebastian Kneipp dies on 17th June at the Dominican monastery in Bad Wörishofen

Kneipp Therapy: water and herbs at Kneippianum

The hydrotherapy is the best known of the five Kneipp therapy elements. It is featured the most at Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen: a total of 2,000 square metre are dedicated to it. This is how big the new Kneipp Spa at Kneippianum is: indoor pool, Jacuzzi, outdoor Jacuzzi and a spacious sauna area are available to your during your Kneipp health holiday. During washes, showers, wraps, baths and water treading your circulation will be stimulated, the immune system is strengthened and afflictions like high blood pressure or pain are mitigated.

Sebastian Kneipp treated his patients with different medicinal herbs: at Kneippianum a gorgeous herb garden was therefore planted. In your room at the 4-star Kneipp hotel you will find a herb pillow and the herbal tea kitchen is also open for you 24/7. You will love the soothing herbal treatments at Kneipp Spa.

Kneipp Therapy: holism at Kneippianum

Physical activity makes the body fitter and more resistant: Kneippianum is the perfect starting point for your leisure activities in Bad Wörishofen. Comfortable walks in Kurpark spa park or long nordic walking tour in the Allgäu - the range of leisure activities in Bad Wörishofen is very impressive. So much exercise makes everyone hungry: at Kneippianum you will be served diverse and wholefood delicacies.

Sebastian Kneipp realised very early on that psychological balance is the basis for a healthy and happy life: meditation, aroma massages or the spiritual offers by Sister Waldefried (meditative dance, visit at the private chapel) can be integrated in your individual Kneipp therapy if you wish.

Do you have further questions about the holistic Kneipp therapy or the various offers and services at Kneippianum, Germany's leading Kneipp and naturopathy centre? Then send us a no obligation enquiry.

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