Kneipp Therapy and wellness in Bad Wörishofen

Kneipp Therapy in Bavaria in the Kneipp teaching's place of origin: Bad Wörishofen

Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen in Bavaria offers you a wide range of Kneipp therapies & wellness. Bad Wörishofen is therefore the perfect place for your spa holiday or Kneipp therapy in Bavaria. Your holiday at Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen is more than just a wellness holiday. With the Kneipp SPA, the gorgeous landscape and the first-class infrastructure Bad Wörishofen in Bavaria is a wonderful spa town, where you will be able to recharge your batteries. Kneippianum is the perfect place for your holistic naturopathic therapy and wellness in Bad Wörishofen.

Kneipp therapy and wellness in Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria

Watering pot for arm baths in the cold water for your Kneipp therapy
Arm bath according to Sebastian Kneipp at Kneippianum

Sebastian Kneipp already practised at Kneippianum in the idyllic spa town of Bad Wörishofen. Today the Kneipp teaching of the holistic therapy is still the central basis for all treatments in Bad Wörishofen in Bavaria.

In the famous spa town of Bad Wörishofen old knowledge of the legendary "water doctor" Sebastian Kneipp is adjusted to modern times. The harmonic interaction between the five essential pillars of the Kneipp therapy in Bad Wörishofen "water power", "inner balance", "life in motion", "healthy cuisine" and "herbs' effect" creates a great and holistic naturopathic therapy, which you can enjoy during your wellness and health holiday in the Bavarian Allgäu.

Medical Wellness in Bad Wörishofen: Kneipp therapy in Bavaria

Take some time for yourself, your body and your health. Recharge your batteries at Kneippianum. The holistic Kneipp therapies in Bad Wörishofen will definitely be to your liking and provide you with new energy for your everyday life. Health holiday, spa weekend or spa cure stay - the four-star Kneippianum spa hotel has a lot to offer. In addition to the Kneipp therapies also discover the gorgeous landscape in the Allgäu in Bavaria and explore the surroundings of your holiday resort during marvellous hikes, nordic walking tours and cycling tours.


The Kneipp therapy is based on five pillars:

  • Water
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Herbs
  • Alignment (balance, mental balance)

Today the treatment with water is still a dominant factor in the Kneipp therapy. We know more than 100 different water treatments within the Kneipp therapy and adjust them according to the patient's' symptoms.


The hydrotherapy includes the wash, the Kneipp showers, which are provided as cold, contrast, warm or hot showers, the baths, the wraps, the packs, the layers and the hot vapours.

In the Kneipp therapy water stimuli are given according to a certain scheme and an exact dosis. The goal of every treatment is to strengthen the body's powers with stimuli in order to revitalise the immune system and the general fitness.

The following applies to the stimuli intensity

  • small stimuli spark the vital functions
  • well dosed, medium stimuli strengthen and stimulate
  • ultra-strong stimuli are harmful

Fundamental principles of the hydrotherapeutic treatments and the basis for the right regulation are:

  • acute disease processes require more cold stimuli, chronic disease processes are better treated with warm stimuli
  • every treatment needs to create a tingling, warming effect in the body
  • a cold stimulus is only allowed on warm skin

If the body is in a cold condition we use hot or contrast treatments. This is the only way to trigger the right Kneipp reactions in the body.

Kneipp treatments

Kneipp wash

The Kneipp wash, in the morning right after getting out of the warm bed, are the mildest form of Kneipp treatment. They sooth the nervous system, stimulate the circulation and the breathing and promote the circulation in the skin. After each wash you should not wipe yourself dry but quickly return to the warm bed in order to allow the water to vaporise and therefore warm up the body.

We offer the morning wash as upper-body wash, lower-body wash or full-body wash.

The treatment's concept: we need vinegar water, mix 1 part vinegar with 3 parts of water and a linen cloth. The wash starts at the outer right arm, then at the inner arm, then the left arm is washed, first on the outer side then the inner side and finally breast, belly, back and legs. The patient is not towelled dry but wrapped in the warm bed in order to allow him to quickly warm up again.

The lower-body wash is an excellent method to help with insomnia, venous stasis and arterial blood flow disorders, as well as with common infections.

Dew treading

Father Kneipp recommends for common susceptibility of infection and insomnia to walk barefoot over the dewy meadow in the morning.

The basic idea of every Kneipp treatment is also true here: only the warm feet should be "dew-treading", because we want a reaction to happen.

Water treading

Every house in Bad Wörishofen and the town itself offers various water treading facilities, that invite spa guests to water treading. This simple and natural method is perfect if you have problems falling asleep. It also stimulates the circulation in the legs, prevents venous cramps in the legs and regulates the blood pressure. It is also suitable for functional stenocardia, circulation regulation disturbances as well as headaches. Water treading can also be practised in a creek or the bath tub.

After water treading dry wool socks are put on and due to the movement the legs are instantly warmed up again.

Kneipp showers

Kneipp showers
Flat showers at Kneippianum

The showers are Kneipp's own invention and perfectly suitable for chronical disease processes. Within the Kneipp therapy one differentiates between the so called flat shower and the jet shower. During the flat showers only low pressure is used The crucial thing about a shower is that there is always a "water coat" around the skin. During the jet shower, however, the water's temperature stimuli are complemented by the jet's pressure stimuli.

With the shower we can also activate the inner organs via the so called "Head Zones". Every shower causes a reaction in the whole autonomic nervous system. We use showers as short cold showers, contrast showers, tempered showers or as hot showers. The shower causes a short vascular constriction followed by a so called reactive vascular dilation, which leads to a better circulation, regulation of the blood pressure and a harmony in the autonomic nervous system.

e.g. face shower

The face shower is a gentle form of shower and is used for mental and general fatigue as well as for a lack of concentration. The shower start underneath the right temple, circles around the face towards the chin, followed by horizontal lines over the forehead and finally the shower is finished with circular jets around the face.

e.g. knee shower

The knee shower is used for stases in the legs, hypotony, migraine, headaches and blood flow disorders in the legs.

Technique: we start on the outer right leg and continue the shower upwards until about a hand's width over the knee and then rest there for about 5 seconds in order to build a water coat over the lower leg. Then the jet wanders on the inner lower leg to the heel and finally the bottom of the foot is showered right and left.

e.g. thigh shower

The thigh shower has an antihypertensive effect and stimulates the circulation. It has a toning effect on the veins and is also used for vegetative disorders and insomnia.

In case of obstipation the contrast thigh shower is used together with hot body spiral. This body spiral is a circular, helical shower on the body. This shower has an enormous effect on the pelvic organs.

Technique: we start the jet on the right foot and wander upward on the outer side up to the groin where we rest the water jet for a but in order to build a water coat around the whole leg. On the inner side the hose then wanders downwards again. In the end both bottoms of the feet are showered.

The baths

Just like the showers are a vitalising element in the Kneipp therapy, the baths have a soothing effect. Every Kneipp bath comes with medicinal herbs essences. In the Kneipp therapy we know the arm bath, the contrast foot bath, the warm hip bath, the short, cold half-bath and the warm full-bath.

e.g. contrast foot bath

The contrast foot bath is perfect for general strengthening, for a better circulation in the legs, for acute or chronic urinary tract infections, for throat and pharynx ailments and headaches.

You need two containers, one is filled with 40 degree hot water, the other one with cold water with around 15 degrees. First both legs are places into the warm water for about 10 minutes, then there is a change into the cold water for about ten seconds. And then back into the warm water with up to 40 degrees. The bath ends with a short refreshment in the cold water.

A possible variation is the increasing foot bath, which is perfect for the early stages of the common cold. We start with a temperature of 36 degrees and then increase the temperature up to 42 degrees by constantly filling the container with hot water.

e.g. arm bath

The arm bath is offered as cold arm bath, contrast bath and increasingly hot arm bath.

Due to the biological rhythm cold treatments are mostly practised in the afternoon. The cold arm bath is a treatment that you can practise along the way during a walk (in Bad Wörishofen you will find twelve water treading facilities around the town).

The cold arm bath is perfect for exhaustion, fatigue, nervous tachycardia, physical or mental exhaustion as well as for unstable blood pressure.

The technique is simple: you only need a container with cold water, whereby the temperature should be around 12 degrees. The arms are placed into the cold water for about 20 seconds, with a little bit of movement until the so called cold pain sets in. After taking the arms out of the water, the water is wiped off the skin and then the arms are moved in order to warm them up again.

The same principle as with all the water treatments applies: never perform a cold treatment with cold hands.

e.g. half, three-quarter and full-baths

We offer bath as half, three-quarter or full-baths. The are the soothing element in the Kneipp therapy. The indication range stretches from tensions, vegetative afflictions, exhaustion of the locomotor system to insomnia. Every bath takes about 15 minutes. After every bath you will have a short, cold shower and then will have the rest in bed for an hour. Every bath comes with plant essences, depending on your afflictions.

The short, cold half-bath has an excellent and vitalising effect. It only takes ten seconds and regulates the circulation, strengthens the body and is one of the best ways to re-stabilise the autonomic nervous system.

Wraps, layers, hot vapours and hay bag

Father Kneipp wrote about the wrap: "like every wrap has its own name, it also has its own effect. Everyone agrees, that they resolve, take in the ill substances and lead them out of the body and improve nature".

Wraps are the best therapy for chronic afflictions due to their channeling and metabolism-stimulating effect. During a wrap treatment the whole body (full-pack) or only single body parts like torso or extremities (part-wrap) are wrapped in three different cloths. The moist inner cloth, made of rough linen, is placed directly on the skin. It is places in vinegar water in advance. A dry in-between cotton cloth is placed over it and then follows the dry outer cloth made of wool or flannel. According to the treated body region we know throat wraps, breast wraps, body wraps, short wraps, arm or leg wraps as well as foot and calf warps that are prescribed as cold or hot wraps. The wraps are soaked in essences like vinegar-water or clay, hay flowers, chamomile or oak bark.

e.g. calf wrap

Indications for a calf wrap are insomnia, varicosis, arterial blood flow disorder in the legs and arthrosis in the knee joints.

Technique: we start with a wet linen cloth, which we have soaked in vinegar-water or clay. This cloth is then tightly wrapped around the foot or lower leg. On top of it we then place a cotton cloth and again on top of this a wool cloth for the final wrap. The wrap is then left on for about one hour.

The hay bag

The hay back is one of the most famous and intense treatments in the Kneipp therapy. It consists of hay flowers that are placed in a linen bag and heated with hot water steam and then still hot placed on the hurting body parts.

The indications for a hay bag are diverse:

  • non-inflammatory tensions in the muscles as well as colic-like pain in the inner organs
  • degenerative changes in the spine and joints
  • acute and chronic bronchitis
  • chronic nephritis or cystitis
  • acute Lumboischialgia.

The hay bag is left on the certain spot for about an hour, followed by a cold shower and bed rest for another hour, just like with every other Kneipp treatment.

Phytomedicine/ herbal medicine

Medicinal plants and phytomedicine at Kneippianum

"The more I spend time with ill people, the clearer it becomes that god, creator of heaven and earth, has already provided us with half a pharmacy in the water and the other half with herbs."

For Sebastian Kneipp, who said the above, phytomedicine was one of the five pillars of his therapy. He left us a great knowledge about medicinal herbs, whereby he drew back on centuries-old or millenniums-old knowledge that had been passed on from generation to generation. Phytomedicine is the oldest therapy. In former times it was the most important cure known to man. In most countries, especially outside of Europe, it still is today. In the meantime modern scientists have enhanced the knowledge on medicinal herbs and put it on a solid and rational ground. The modern phytomedicine is a synthesis of the traditional, established knowledge on medicinal herbs and modern research on plants

Phytomedicine is very relevant in Europe today, despite the achievements of modern medicine. The demand for a therapy with hardly any side effects is as great as never before. Medicinal plants and their products - teas, juices, essences, tinctures as well as herbal proprietary medicinal products - are perfect for a wide range of afflictions and symptoms, especially for those with no adequate chemical-synthetic medicinal therapy or only with strong side effects.

Diseases that are very likely to be cured with the phytomedicine on its own or in combination are, functional afflictions of the gastrointestinal-system, like irritable stomach and irritable colon syndrome, respiratory disease or problems with the locomotor system.

A huge advantage of phytomedicine is the possibility to individually treat the patient's affliction complex or symptoms. The diverse effects of the medicinal plants and their combinations in different recipes allow an exact and individual therapy


Homeopathy as a form of therapy dates back to the doctor, chemist and pharmacist Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). The Greek term "homeopathy" can be translated as "similar affliction". Homeopathy is an independent therapy method with clearly defined approach. It is based on the motto "similia similibus curentur - let similar things take care of similar things". It means that homeopathic remedies can cause symptoms with a healthy person. Only if a sick person shows similar symptoms to the healthy person who took the remedy, can it cure his illness. The different substances, plants, metals, faunal starting substances are diluted and potentised. There are more than 2,000 homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy's intention is to activates the human being's self-healing powers in order to overcome a particular pathological process. The illness is not seen as an isolated occurrence in only one organ but as an affliction of the whole organism. A homeopathic therapy always starts with a long conversation, the anamnesis, whereby the focus lies on the physical, psychological and mental condition as well as on biographic data. This information is then used to find a congruent homeopathic remedy in order to help the person recover. Any disorders are treatable, functional afflictions as well as manifest illnesses and it can also be used in addition to conventional therapies.


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