Medical wellness and Kneipp therapies in Bavaria

Therapy overview: individual therapies for individual indications

Bad Wörishofen is your first address for Medical Wellness and Kneipp therapies in Bavaria. Various therapies guarantee you a soothing stay. Enjoy gorgeous holidays and Kneipp cures in the Allgäu.

Kneippianum offers you a comprehensive offers of therapies for your time-out, your holidays or your Kneipp cure in Bavaria. Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen is Germany's leading Kneipp and naturopathy centre. At Kneippianum, where wellbeing and fitness meet, medical wellness is truly celebrated.

Kneipp Therapy in Bavaria: Kneipp hydrotherapy

Pool attendant team
Pool attendant at Kneippianum

The Kneipp hydrotherapy is the most famous of the five pillars the Kneipp teaching is based on. Adjusted to today's lifestyle Kneipp's hydrotherapy (water-therapy) is especially popular at Kneippianum.

The following water-therapies according to Kneipp are available at Kneippianum:

  • Contrast shower warm/cold. Has a regulating effect on your blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and stimulates the metabolism
  • Cold shower regulates the blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and is especially good for venous disorders
  • Back-hot-jet During the back-hot-jet it is not only the temperature of the water that has a great effect, but also the high pressure, which has a very special massage effect and eases tough tensions in the back area.
  • Jet shower warm/cold stimulates the metabolism, massage-like, stimulates the circulation in the skin and the inner organs.
  • Arm bath expands the coronary vessels, stimulates the circulation and strengthens the immune system.
  • Foot bath vascular training for legs, stimulates the circulation, works against chronical colds.

Further therapies at Kneippianum

  • Kneipp-Therapy
  • Phytotherapy/ Phytomedicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Neural therapy
  • Channeling therapy treatment
  • Fasting therapy/ dietetic therapy
  • Kinesiatrics
  • Alignment therapy
  • Chiropractic therapy

Medical Wellness

Kneipp-SPA at Kneippianum stretches over 2,000 square metres and is the Kneippianum's centrepiece in Bad Wörishofen. Nothing stands in your way to a recreational health holiday with the Kneipp-SPA. Medical wellness treatments sustainably contribute to your general wellbeing and promotes your health.

Medical Wellness treatments: therapies at Kneippianum

Medical Wellness treatments: therapies at Kneippianum
Treatments at the Kneippianum Health Resort
  • Breathing therapy
  • Aroma-massage
  • Ayurveda back massage
  • Exercise bath
  • Tissue massage
  • Colon massage
  • Cranio-sacral osteopathy
  • Dorn method
  • Electrotherapy
  • Esalen-massage
  • Foot reflexology
  • Walking training
  • Iontophoresis
  • Inhalation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Classic part-body massage
  • Herbal stamp massage
  • La Stone Massage
  • Lomi-Lomi-Nui – hawaiian massage
  • Lymph drainage
  • Manual therapy
  • Meridian therapy Jin Shin Do
  • Sea salt oil massage
  • Pilates
  • Qi Gong
  • Rain-Drop (essence massage)
  • Shiatsu
  • Softpack (full-body pack)
  • TCM-therapy treatment
  • Tui Na facial
  • Visceral osteopathy
  • Wellness-Tui Na

At Kneipp Spa at Kneippianum the focus lies on the Kneipp water therapy. A wide range of possibilities at the indoor pool, Jacuzzi, outdoor Jacuzzi and wonderful sauna area are available for your recreational hours during the water therapy. Send us your no obligation enquiry for your Kneipp cure or water therapy at Kneippianum and look forward to a soothing and holistic Kneipp therapy in Bavaria.

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