Kneipp cure: teaching by Sebastian Kneipp

Stations in the life of Pastor Sebastian Kneipp

In his lifetime Sebastian Kneipp developed a holistic therapy method based on the many experiences and conversations with patients over the years. The Kneipp cure is considered to still be the only holistic naturopathic therapy in Europe.

The Kneipp cure: teaching by Sebastian Kneipp

Kneipp treatment cold arm bath
Therapy according to Sebastian Kneipp

The world famous Kneipp cure is based on five pillars, all of them are constantly being considered at Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen. The five elements of the Kneipp cure - hydrotherapy (water therapy), phytotherapy (herbal therapy), exercise, diet and lifestyle - are combined with conventional medicine methods at Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen and therefore make for the perfect recovery and recreation period during your Kneipp cure.

The life of Sebastian Kneipp

Sebastian Kneipp came from an ordinary background and contracted tuberculosis when he started university. It was at that time when young Kneipp incidentally discovered the book "Teaching of the curative power of fresh water" by Johann Siegmund Hahn. Kneipp tested Hahn's hydrotherapy on himself first - as soon as he totally recovered he also started to treat his fellow students. Soon Kneipp was called a charlatan because he lacked the medical training. But Kneipp continued treating people, with big success.

Wörishofen, the city he moved to at the age of 34, became more and more a famous as a spa town. In 1891 the first Kneipp foundation was opened in Wörishofen, the Sebastianeum spa cure house. In 1982 the children's sanitarium followed and in 1896 - a year before Kneipp's death - Kneipp's third foundation, Kneippianum, was opened in Wörishofen.

Vicar Sebastian Kneipp
Kneipp cure, teaching by Sebastian Kneipp

Sebastian Kneipp's life career

  • He discovers a book about the effect of water on illnesses in the library and starts to treat himself with baths in the Danube. This is when he becomes convinced that water will be the only cure for him.
  • 1848 graduation and studying theology at the University of Munich.
  • Starting his job as a priest in Wörishofen
  • Archabbot Maurus Wolter sends Father Ildefons to Wörishofen to document the water cure by Kneipp
  • First edition of the book "My Water Cure". In the course of the Kneipp Cure book's publication Wörishofen becomes a spa town.
  • 1891 opening of Kneipp's first foundation, Sebastianeum spa cure house
  • Brothers Hospitallers come to Wörishofen to learn the Kneipp cure
  • 1893 opening of the 2nd Kneipp foundation, a children's sanitarium
  • 1894 Sebastianeum's handover to the Brothers Hospitallers; Kneipp travels to Rome to meet Pope Leo XIII
  • 1896 opening of Kneipp's 3rd foundation, the Kneippianum
  • 1897 Sebastian Kneipp dies on 17th June in the Dominican monastery in Bad Wörishofen

Do you also want to walk on Sebastian Kneipp's traces and indulge your wellbeing? Then send a no obligation enquiry to the Kneippianum team in Bad Wörishofen today and experience the soothing effect of a Kneipp cure yourself.

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