Fastin doesn't mean starving

At Kneippianum you will find experts for fasting cures

There are many ways of fasting - strict or less strict, like Buchinger or Mayr-Fasting, juice or whey cures, base fasting or Schroth cure. All methods have in common that they are not about self-denial.

Fasting cuisine
Fasting at Kneippianum

In order to make it easier for you, you will be intensively supported by our fasting attendants and our nutrition consultant Annette Fischer. The daily fasting impulses, e.g. walks, Feldenkrais, acupuncture exercises, workshops and much more will help you to a new and lighter feeling.

At Kneippianum you will find your individual fasting cure - you choose between base fasting, fasting cure (modificated Buchinger fasting) with Dr. Silberhorn and Metabolic Balance®.

Holistic approach: five pillars according to Kneipp

A holistic approach is vital in the fasting therapy's success. It's the whole human being with his or her physical, mental and spiritual conditions that stands in front of the doctor at the beginning of the fasting cure. The medical task is to lead, inform and motivate. An important addition for a long-lasting success are exercise, water and herbal therapy as well as conversations, face to face or in a group, and nutrition consultation - in a nutshell the five-pillar-therapy according to Father Kneipp.

Look forward to regional, light delicacies, that our chef de cuisine Dirk Kirschner will freshly prepare with his team and send a no obligation enquiry to the team at Kneippianum today.

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