Diet - one of Kneipp's pillars

Eating is one of life's joys and indulgences

One of Kneipp's pillars is diet. It is the basis for health and wellbeing. At the same time it is an essential part of our lives' joys and indulgences. It would be perfect to see food as an "active health method" as well as "lived indulgence".

Regional and seasonal

At our hotel we focus on serving you culinary indulgence as well as food that enhances your health.

We prefer regional & seasonal products. You can choose from different meals - with vegetarian as well as vegan options.

In addition our cuisine also offers suitable, delicious dishes for guests with certain illnesses like diabetes or special intolerances (e.g. lactose or fructose intolerance), according to the latest nutrition guidelines.

We are looking forward to being able to cook for your health and your indulgence.

Every Friday a special dinner takes place at Kneippianum.

Fancy a change? Get to know the cuisine and atmosphere at our sister hotel SEBASTIANEUM with "board hopping".

You can of course also enjoy a dinner outside of Kneippianum. The atmosphere at the nearby Muschitz Restaurant, which has been awarded by Gault Millau, will definitely delight you. Once a week you can redeem a restaurant-voucher at Muschitz Restaurant.

Look forward to the regional delicacies that are freshly prepared at Kneippianum's kitchen and send your no obligation enquiry to the team at Kneippianum.

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