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You have decided to spend your time-out in Sebastian Kneipp's adoptive home and have queries or individual wishes? Please contact our team at your 4-star Kneipp & Health Resort Kneippianum.

By telephone or e-mail - the team at Kneippianum is always at hand to help you plan your spa cure stay, your medical wellness weekend or your health holiday.

Don't hesitate - just call us or send a no obligation enquiry to Kneippianum.

Your contact at Kneippianum

Kneippianum team
Kneippianum team

Kneipp & Health Resort KNEIPPIANUM****

Alfred-Baumgarten-Str. 6

86825 Bad Wörishofen


+49 8247-

  • 351-0 (switchboard)
  • 351-518 (head of reservation Silke Dittmer)
  • 351-529 (marketing/assistant manager Thomas Lüdtke)
  • 351-701 (head of SPA Jochen Reisberger)
  • 351-521 (CEO Christiane Rapp)

Fax: +49 8247 1005


Helpful information: holiday at Kneippianum

Kneippianum was founded by Sebastian Kneipp in 1896 and is still considered to be Germany's leading Kneipp and Health Resort. On the following websites you will find the most important information for your health holiday at Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen.

Are you planning a Kneipp therapy, a time-out from your responsible job, a rehab or spa cure stay or a health holiday at Kneippianum in Bad Wörishofen? Then a no obligation enquiry is the best way to secure your preferred date for your soothing therapies and wellness treatments. Look forward your oasis of tranquility in Bavaria.

Sebastian Kneipp and the Kneippianum: press inquiries

Your contact:

Thomas Lüdtke - Kneippianum

Telephone: +49 8247 351-529

Fax: +49 8247 1005


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